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Klein Business Partners teams up with Entrepreneurs to design & build local business and manages the "Backend" of the Business Operations. 

Bookkeeping & Financial Management

We handle all of your Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, data entry, financial reporting, & cash flow forecasting.

Website &


We develop and manage the website, help with social platforms such as Facebook. Ensure that you are found on the first page of Google. 



We handle Payroll, setting up critical documents like employee handbooks, employment contracts and safety programs. We provide assistance in hiring and firing employees.   

Government & Worksafe BC

We ensure that the business is compliant with all levels of government and ensure compliance with Worksafe BC.  

It Starts with and Idea

Northern BC is a growing and thriving region where new business ideas can take root and provide value to the community.


We take that idea and turn it into a successful business. 

The Main Reason for Business Failure

The main reason most businesses fail in the first 5 years isn't that the owners are incredible at the Operations of a business (the selling and doing) but have limited experience about the Financial side of the business. 

That is why we handle the Finacial and Marketing side of the business so that the Entrepreneur can focus on doing what's best, making the money!

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